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AREVS Presents HEAT at New York Energy Week Cleantech Startups Showcase

AREVS presents HEAT at New York Energy Week 2014

For Immediate Release
June 18, 2014
Queensbury, NY —

AREVS: American Residential Energy Verification System announces its participation in the New York Energy Week Cleantech Startups Showcase. AREVS Co-Founder Dean Durst will present a poster and discuss the new Heating Energy Assessment Tool (HEAT). .

HEAT is a home energy performance software tool that yields extremely accurate home energy ratings and future heating and cooling costs. HEAT can be used with data from one heating season utility bill. No physical inspection of the premises or tools are necessary. This allows both off site and en masse ratings of the national and international housing stock.

New York Energy Week is an annual professional conference for the energy industry. Founded by EnerKnol, an energy research and data company, New York Energy Week brings together energy and finance industry executives, thought leaders, and policy makers to discover solutions to today’s energy challenges.

“Our invitation to poster at the New York Energy Week Cleantech Startups Showcase is a great opportunity to present HEAT to business leaders and policymakers as a solution to the problem of accurately measuring home heating energy efficiency, and valuing homes based on that energy efficiency,” said Durst. “HEAT is the most accurate tool available for evaluating the total cost of energy in the PITI+E home ownership equation. Without knowing annual energy costs, homeowners and lenders don’t know how much home they can afford, and utility and incentive program managers don’t know the real world results of their energy efficiency improvements. HEAT is the only tool that makes all of this data available throughout the US.”

Rising energy costs and a fast paced residential housing market mean that sellers, buyers, brokers, lenders, and program managers need to accurately value home energy consumption, costs, upgrade work, and efficiency. HEAT is the only performance based home energy rating software on the market. It will be available for professional and personal use at in July.

The New York Energy Week Cleantech Startups Showcase will be held on Wednesday, June 18th at the New York Academy of Sciences, 7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich Street, 40th Floor, New York, NY, at 5:30 P.M.


Keep cool this summer: easy tips for everyone

We’re ready to put a long winter behind us, but we also want to harness some of that cold air for the dog days of summer. For many people, air conditioning is the beginning and end of the story. But air conditioning is just one of the ways that you and your family can keep cool this summer.

Happy Family, by Guirec Maugat.

The real key for keeping cool is to keep air moving throughout your home. Here’s how to keep cool this summer: easy tips for everyone to try.

  • If you can, open the windows to let air into your home. Not only will this help you become acclimated to warmer temperatures, but the air circulating through your rooms will help keep them cool.
  • Use a floor fan or table fan to pull air into your home. Strategically placed fans away from windows will move air deeper into a room, helping air circulation.
  • Install a ceiling fan in your bedroom to help you sleep more comfortably, and another in your living room to keep your family cool during the dog days of summer.
  • Tune up your air conditioner. The average air conditioner uses as much as 500 watts of electricity during the cooling season. In many parts of the country, August and September are hotter than July! Older or inefficient models will use more, costing you more this summer.

Air conditioner tips and tricks

Even if a new air conditioner isn’t in your budget, there are steps you can take to improve your current model’s performance.

Air Conditioner by HomeSpot HQ

One painless step is to raise your thermostat’s temperature during the day. Why pay to cool the air if no one is at home? Just a two degree increase can save big money each year.

You can do this manually, or install a programmable thermostat. There are many models available, from a basic digital timer to advanced “learning” thermostats that adapt to the way you live in your home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, a certified home performance professional can help you rate your home’s energy efficiency and find the best deals for your wallet and your home. They can help you determine the right size and model air conditioner for you and your home, take advantage of rebates and incentive programs, and make sure your home is performing at its peak.

What’s new at AREVS?

Normally our blog posts are abut how to save energy at home, energy efficiency, and how to make your home more energy efficient. Some of our favorites, like “Do you live energy efficiency?” are quick and easy steps everyone can take today to cut energy costs. (Tip: if you find blog posts like that useful, sign up for our home energy performance newsletter. Twice a month we’ll send you our best tips and ideas on how to maximize your home’s energy performance.) This week we want to bring you up to speed.

What’s new at AREVS:

We’re proud to be part of the Cleantech Open startup accelerator Class of 2014. Cleantech Open is the world’s largest accelerator and business competition for cleantech startups, providing access to capital, mentoring, and networking events.

We’re using our time in the accelerator to build, test, and launch our next product: the Heating Energy Assessment Tool. HEAT is a revolutionary new way to understand dome heating energy consumption and costs. And after the winter we’ve all been through, taming heating costs through energy efficiency is more important than ever.

More than simply reporting home heating costs, HEAT gives renters, homeowners, and professionals an easy to understand A-F HEAT Grade for each home and family’s energy efficiency. The HEAT Grade is proof of home performance, and a tool everyone can use to get the most out of their home.

HEAT will launch in July on our website and on partner sites, making HEAT available for every existing home in America: 128 million homes in all 50 states!

Dean Durst presents AREVS at New York Energy Week This week our Co-founder Dean Durst was invited to present a poster at the New York Energy Week Cleantech Startup Showcase. The Showcase featured “40 of the most innovative and exciting cleantech companies developing groundbreaking, carbon-reducing technologies.” Dean created a good buzz about HEAT and we’re excited about the new opportunities that came out of Dean’s presentation.

What’s next from AREVS?

We’re working hard to bring HEAT to more residential and professional customers in the coming months. We’re improving our algorithms to make our tools, the AREVS Home Energy Performance Calculator and the new Heating Energy Assessment Tool, the most accurate home energy performance software on the market. And we’ve got great ideas for new products and services for renters, homeowners, landlords, and professionals.

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