Sample Reports

Free Assessment Results Screenshots

Once data is collected, the free assessment results are returned giving an indicator of the efficiency level of the home with recommendations of “next step” improvements

Paid Rating Report Screenshots–  No further data entry is required beyond the initial data entry screens.  Purchase the full rating report for $24.99 and get the specific details of the home’s heating energy efficiency.

Below are screenshots from two homes with different energy efficiency rating levels.

One is for a home heated with natural gas and a “B” alpha rating.  The second is for a home heated with propane  with a “C” alpha rating. Note that the recommended next steps differ based on the free assessment  results.  Each of the recommended next steps are linked to articles that explain  the energy conservation measures.

               “B ” Range Free Assessment Results Sample

(click on image to enlarge)

Free Assessment screen shot A-B rating

“B”  Rating Paid Report Sample

Full Heat Assessment B rating 5 Bishop

“C” Range Assessment Results

(click on image to enlarge)Free Assessment screen shot C Rating 749 swag

“C”  Rating Paid Report Sample

Full Heat Assessment C rating 749 swag

Sample of Recommended Next Step- “Home Energy Audit”

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Home Energy audit screen shot