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A basic HEAT plugin by AREVS

Understanding home heating energy performance just got easier. The new Heating Energy Assessment Tool (HEAT) from AREVS is a RESNET Approved, easy to use web-based application that tells home energy professionals, homeowners, and renters whether or not a home is in need of energy retrofits or upgrades. Using patented algorithms that are normalized for house size and geographical location, and information from its utility bill, HEAT provides a heating energy audit for a home in under 5 minutes. A simple A+ through F grade range gives instant understanding of home heating performance.

Try it today for free and imagine how you will use HEAT in your business: as a “first line” energy assessment tool, a quality assurance tool, or on your website as a lead generation tool. HEAT seamlessly integrate into your workflow, saving you time and money wherever you use it. You can choose HEAT as a white label web app, or the streamlined HEAT Plugin, or both. We’ll customize HEAT for your unique business needs and website design.

Choose the HEAT web app, with plenty of space to showcase your services, build your brand, and promote your marketing specials – or host affiliate marketing ads to generate extra income from your website.

Use the HEAT Plugin where space is at a premium. We designed it to fit in an industry standard 300 pixel wide x 250 pixel high rectangle. Got more or less space available? It fits anywhere, and it’s perfect for mobile websites and email marketing.

Whichever you choose, you’ll get a fully customized tool designed to grow your customer base and give you the edge over your competition.

Are you ready to grow your business with HEAT?

A sample HEAT Assessment

Contact us today to create a HEAT plugin for your website.

Drop the HEAT plugin into your website.

Qualify sales leads with the HEAT Rating Report.

Send targeted emails to interested homeowners.

The HEAT Plugin integrates seamlessly with your current website. Your branding on the HEAT Plugin and Report maximize your exposure to your customers. HEAT Plugin users opt-in to receive your targeted emails, so you can add them to your current email marketing campaigns without worrying about spam complaints. Finally, the HEAT Plugin delivers customer contact information to your sales team instantly. Cold calls are now a thing of the past.

Contact us now to learn more about our exclusive Business Partner offerings and see how quickly HEAT can set your organization apart from the competition.