What’s New at AREVS?

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Energy Value Adjustment (EVA)

The algorithms are written and patent documents filed for the AREVS  Energy Value Adjustment (EVA)

The energy value adjustment is a first in either the home performance  or residential real estate industries!

With information gathered by our core product (HEAT) the EVA  calculates the dollar value adjustment to the real estate sales price of an existing home. The EVA is based on both the heating efficiency of the home and the type of fuel used.

The EVA has been integrated into our report, answering the question “How does energy efficiency and fuel type effect the value of the home?”

A concise easy to understand Energy Value Adjustment is listed  in the last section of your free report.

All Electric Project

After considerable effort in analyzing  the best method of gathering electric utility data from utility companies, the green button initiative has led to a number of creative approaches for direct download of  utility data.

The completion of our all electric home rating capabilities will make HEAT by AREVS the only performance based energy rating software that includes all fuel types (Electric, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Propane, Wood, Wood Pellets, Coal, Kerosene, etc. ) to provide accurate first line energy ratings without the need for site visits to a home.

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Dean Durst   Co-Founder and CEO

Jeff Hiscox    Co-Founder and CFO