Do you live energy efficiency?

Did you know that how you live can save you money on your energy costs?

When we talk about saving money on home energy costs we often talk about physical changes we can make. These might be swapping incandescent bulbs for CFLs, or buying Energy Start rated appliances when our old models break down. But this isn’t the whole story.

You don’t have to spend money to save money on your home energy bills.

Here are a few simple changes you can make to the way that you live in your home that will save money and inspire you to take the next step in home energy efficiency with your performance based energy rating from AREVS.

You can reduce the strain on your HVAC system by ensuring that your exterior ducts and equipment are clear of debris and plant growth. Good airflow inside your home needs good airflow outside, so make sure that you have a radius of at least 18 inches around all your external vents, intakes, and equipment.

Let the sun shine in! If you have windows that face south, open the drapes or shades and let the sun heat your rooms. When it’s time to cool off next summer, remember to close those drapes during the day and keep your rooms cool.

Dig out that sweater and blanket. Just lowering your thermostat a couple of degrees and adding another layer of clothing can save you big money during a heating season. According to the Department of Energy:

Each degree you lower the thermostat on your heating system decreases your fuel bill by 3 percent. Going from 72 degrees down to 68 degrees doesn’t matter much in terms of comfort, but it can save up to 12 percent on your heating bill.

It’s simple, effective, and you can thank your knitting friends for helping you make the most out of your home!